NovaStar Appraisals: Independent Appraisal Support for Property Purchases and Sales

Property valuation can be a financial minefield.

If you need to secure a loan, make an insurance claim, assess property taxes, negotiate a real estate purchase, or finalize a divorce, you want an accurate assessment of the worth of your assets. NovaStar Appraisals gives both buyers and sellers the information and resources they need to make solid personal property and real estate appraisal decisions.

NovaStar Appraisals not only offers comprehensive consultations for diverse appraisal strategies, it is a leading appraisal service hub, connecting clients to a wide assortment of vetted appraisal services. NovaStar Appraisals is dedicated to providing three pillars of service to each and every client.


Giving detailed analysis that enables clients to make investment decisions with confidence

As an independent hub for property and real estate appraisals, NovaStar Appraisals gives clients the education they need to ensure complete accuracy of their appraisals, regardless of the property type or scope.


Forging strong client partnerships with an impeccable standard of service

Transparency and objectivity are crucial to the appraisal process. NovaStar Appraisals ensures the proper accreditation, licensure, and certification of every recommended appraisal service, and always operates in accordance with the highest ethical standards.


Connecting clients to trusted professionals for any appraisal specialization

With an experienced team offering decades of expertise in real estate, IRS guidelines, economic trends, mortgage banking, and specialized property valuation, NovaStar Appraisals takes pride in helping clients determine fair market value for a variety of properties.

NovaStar Appraisals is committed to empowering all clients with the knowledge and tools they need to correctly determine the value of their property. With a client-focused approach and unwavering commitment to excellence, NovaStar Appraisals delivers industry-leading appraisal services, every day.