About NovaStar Appraisals

For more than a decade, NovaStar Appraisals has delivered comprehensive consultations to clients seeking diverse asset valuations, helping them to establish accurate personal property and real estate appraisals. As an independent appraisal service hub, NovaStar Appraisals connects clients to the appropriate appraisal services for their needs and goals, while empowering them with the information, advice, and strategies that can help them negotiate complex financial evaluations and estate planning decisions confidently and successfully.

Our Staff

NovaStar Appraisals is proud to work with the industry’s finest general appraisers, all with decades of expertise in a diverse assortment of financial, real estate, and valuation specialties. From real estate appraisals to personal asset valuations (including fine art, antiques, and collectibles), the team at NovaStar Appraisals is equipped to give clients the resources they need to make sound investment, purchasing, and sales decisions.

Our Approach

Not only does NovaStar Appraisals deliver personalized, customer-focused advisory service, we act as an appraisal service hub, helping clients connect to vetted, certified, and licensed appraisers. No matter what type of appraisal service our clients require, NovaStar Appraisals is able to recommend the very best in the business, guaranteed.

Our Mission

NovaStar Appraisals was founded on three principles: Accuracy, integrity, and expertise. We are passionate about not only providing the right appraisal assistance to our clients, but offering a comprehensive education in the appraisal process. No one should have to endure a low or otherwise inaccurate valuation; we take pride in helping our clients make advantageous purchasing, selling, and investment decisions.

Our Clients

NovaStar works with diverse clients with a broad spectrum of appraisal needs, including but not limited to:

  • Home buyers/sellers
  • Real estate investors
  • Fine art collectors
  • Jewelry collectors
  • Attorneys
  • Certified Public Accountants (CPA)
  • Mortgage lenders

NovaStar Appraisals continually provides expert, timely service to a broad spectrum of clients, assisting them with establishing high-quality, accurate, independent appraisals. We are more than appraisal service providers, we are trusted partners.